Welcome to a place where business shines, whether that’s an entrepreneurial start-up or one of the many multinational big hitters that has chosen to come here for their UK expansion and never looked back.

The Gatwick Diamond area is made up of different locations, both urban and rural, all of which each play a role in its strong economy. Centered around Crawley, home to the South East’s premier mixed-use business district of Manor Royal Business District and neighbouring Gatwick Airport, other areas include the thriving town centres of Redhill, Horsham, Leatherhead, Reigate, Burgess Hill and Epsom.


One of the most economically successful regions in the UK, with an economy larger than Birmingham, Liverpool or Leeds, it produces a gross value added (GVA) of £24 billion, making it 16% more productive than the British economy as a whole.

The Gatwick Diamond economy performs well above the national average on a range of different economic indicators, such as its levels of productivity, share of high-skilled jobs, and track record in attracting in foreign investment.

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The businesses who have chosen to live, work and succeed in the sustainable, high-quality communities which surround London Gatwick are among the most productive, best connected, talented and innovative in the UK. They include many large multinational businesses who are leaders in their fields such as:

American Express








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