The Gatwick Diamond Initiative is a business-led partnership, run by people with proven commercial and economic development experience.

Our goal

Our goal is to advance the growth of new and established companies to ensure the Gatwick Diamond thrives.

Our focus

With a focus on key strategic issues, we partner with business leaders, business membership organisations, colleges and universities, local authorities, and government agencies to address the needs of the area to ensure it is a world-class place to live, work and do business.

Our aim

Our aim is to grow the region’s existing jobs base, attract new jobs and secure investments from companies that most closely match our industry strengths. 


We can also provide free confidential advice to investors seeking to locate within the Gatwick Diamond area and connect with our extensive network of contacts.


We also seek to promote the Gatwick Diamond area’s strengths and highlight strategies for the predominant sectors that drive the local economy.

Get involved

There are no fees or subscriptions to be involved with or helped by the Gatwick Diamond Initiative. If you would like to be involved please use the form below to contact us.